Business Letter to Discontinue Services

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Sample Business Letter to Discontinue Services.

                                                                                                                                       Friday, December 10, 2012


Dear IBEC customers,

It is with a very heavy heart, that we must inform you that IBEC will no longer be in a position to provide internet service to your area. We encourage all of you to pursue other options for your internet services as soon as possible. This includes your email service if you have an active @BPL.COOP email account. Please move to another email service as soon as possible.

We expect that your service will remain active through the end of January 2013.; and may continue for a couple of weeks into February; but we cannot guarantee the quality and availibility of your service during this period. Customer Support will cease December 31th 2012.

We are sure this coming as an unexpected surprise to you, but I can assure you that our team has done all things possible to stop this day from coming. Our demise, started with the April 27th storms of this year in Alabama, which destroyed over 3.2 Million in assets, which our Insurance Provider (CHUB) has refused to pay. We also lost a critical investment from an Investor commitment, due to these storms, putting IBEC into a negative financial situation. IBEC pursued assistance from RUS (our Federal Creditor at US Department of Agriculture), our vendors and endless potential buyers after these events without success.

We are deeply sorrowful for our inability to survive this financial crisis and to continue service, but we ask that all subscribers remember the fact that IBEC has been one of the lone champions for providing broadband service to Rural America.

I will leave you with this to consider; of the nearly 7 Billion provided in “Stimulus” for Rural Broadband; IBEC reviews could only find around 50 Million for the “Cooperative Space”. IBEC had submitted applications for over 300 Million Dollars of Stimulus funds to extend service to 23 additional Cooperative locations, in 12 states, passing almost 1.5 Million homes – All of them where denied without explanation.

IBEC has fought hard in this battle and cares greatly for Rural America, and we detest watching the “big” carriers ignore the communication needs of so many hard-working families acrss the nation.


With Regards,


Johny Andreas

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