Sample Certificate of Employment Letter

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Certificate of Employment Letter is a letter that is used to verify previous information in written form, usually past employment. If you were looking for a new job, you would request a letter of certification from your previous employer verifying that you did work for them in the past and in what capacity. here is Sample of Certificate of Employment Letter:


December 20, 2012

To whom it may concern:

Dear Sir and Madam:

Re. Mr. Rick E Scott

We, the Tokyo American Club (the “club”), are as incorporated association organized under the Laws of Japan. The Club enjoys a reputation as one of most reputable social clubs in Tokyo.

We hereby, certify that Mr. Rick E. Scott served for the Club as Executive chef for the period from February 16, 2010 to November 30, 2012.

The Club members and its management have been highly appreciative of Mr. Scott’s services during this period.


Sincerely yours,


Richard A. Plaff
General Manager

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