Car Dealership Complaint Letter

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Nearly everyone who owns a car has had some problems with mechanics, dealers, or manufacturers. Most problems are handled on the local level and can be settled by a phone call or a personal visit to the dealer or auto repair shop in question.

However, for those instances when you cannot get your problem resolved on the local level, you may need to go up the auto company’s management ladder to get results. Also, you can turn to several agencies and consumer advocacy groups for help.

General Manager of Auto Dealership

The place to begin is with the general manager of your auto dealership. This person is authorized to handle problems at local dealership levels. In your letter, spell out the details of your problem, what has been done so far (include copies of any receipts, work orders, and so forth), and what you want the general manager to do. below is a Complaint Letter to a Dealership:

James Buchanan
4425 Irving Road
Columbus, OH 43215

March 16, 2013

Mr. David Gergun
General Manager
Southern Motors
234 N. Western Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115

Dear Mr. Gergun:

Two and a half months ago I purchased a Torrin 4-cylinder passenger car at Southern Motors. This car had been recommended to me because of its reliability, great mileage, and low upkeep.

So far, none of these claims has proved true. The first week after I bought the car, it started to backfire and jerk every time I accelerated in second gear. Gas mileage plummeted from 28 miles per gallon to 15 miles per gallon.

Over the next five weeks, I brought the car into your service department four times to get the problem fixed. Each time it cost me about $120 (see work orders attached). Each time the car would work fine for a day or two and then the backfiring and jerking would start up again.

When I brought the car back the third and fourth times and demanded that it be fixed, the service manager seemed to think that the problem was all in my head. I’m no expert at cars, but whatever the mechanics are doing about the problem isn’t working. The attitude is that my car is a low-priority warranty problem that can wait until more important work is done. In the meantime, I’m still driving a low-mileage, backfiring Torrin that’s slowly costing me enough money to have the engine replaced.

Please, Mr. Gergun, I need your help to get my car restored to proper working order. Please talk to your service manager about working on my car until the problem is solved. I look forward to hearing from you.


James Buchanan


If the general manager does not give you a satisfactory response, your next step may be to write the district office manager. Include copies of your letter to the general manager plus work orders and other pertinent documents. Ask that someone from the district office inspect the car or be present at the dealership when you bring the car in for repair.

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