Complaint Letter to Apartment Manager About Noise

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Complaint Letter to Apartment Manager About Noise. Apartment dwellers are particularly vulnerable to their neighbors. When one of your neighbors is messy or noisy, and you cannot resolve the matter with a friendly talk, write to the managers or owners of the building. It is their responsibility to see that tenants observe the rights of others.

If you are a long-time tenant, mention this fact. If the neighbors are violating local zoning or other ordinances, mention this as well. Notice of violations, with their potential for city intervention, will provide an added incentive to the owner to take action. below is a sample noise complaint letter to your apartment manager:

March 21, 2013

Pauline Mitchell, Owner
Hudson Apartments
P.O. Box 332
Sioux City, IA 51 123

Dear Ms. Mitchell:

I live in your 256 Davis/Elmwood building, apartment #354. As I write this letter, the din from my upstairs neighbors is all but drowning out the sound of the typewriter. You must be aware that the Choms (apt. 454) have six children, all under the age of 12, in a one-bedroom apartment.

I have been a tenant in your building for six years now, and have never had cause to complain about my neighbors before. But the kind of commotion in the Chom apartment disrupts the lives of everyone who lives below, above, or to either side of them. The noise is virtually constant from six in the morning to ten or eleven at night. The children run up and down the hallways at all hours, use the wheelchair ramp as a playground, and jump so hard on their floors that the plaster is flaking off my ceiling. More seriously, the crowding of eight people in a one-bedroom apartment violates our local zoning laws.

I am not against children in apartment buildings, just against packing so many of them into one small space. If you cannot arrange other accommodations for this family, I shall be forced to report you to the local zoning board. Other tenants I have talked to are also willing to take this step. Please see what you can do to rectify this situation and let the rest of us get some sleep. Thank you.


Ashoka Nalamwar

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