Bad News Letter to Customers About a Request For a Refund

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How to write a Bad news letter no refund?  this is a difficult letter or email to write. It’s take lots of practice and many times of writing before you get really good at it. Hopefully, you don’t have to write too many of these, but if you do I’m going to show you the basics. Okay, first let’s get the format correct. You have the header, the body (which has the buffer the reasons, and the actual bad news) and finally a positive closing. remember to leave room for your signature if you are mailing the letter.

The style of language to use in a bad news letter is the most difficult to master. It is a very soft language and a passive voice which we don’t use in spoken English very often. The example I chose to use for my bad news letter is when your customer has a complaint and wishes to get there money back. They bought your product and it broke and they want you to fix it for free. The product they bought from you is a vacuum cleaner. The bad news that I will give to them is that i Will not be fixing it for free.

Also it is important to choose which style of the bad news message you will use. This requires some knowledge of your customer and how they respond to bad news. There are two ways to break the bad news to them, the direct and indirect methods. This letter i am using the more common one, whic is the indirect method. The direct method is commonly used between employees of the same company.

Bad News Letter to Customers Examples:

November 12, 2012


Mrs. Dean Whittier
1234 Forest St.
Boston, MA 39283


Dear Mr. Whitier

 Thank you for your letter regarding you Super Suction Vacuum. Campbell Enterprises agrees with you that electronics should be quality built and durable. That is why we offer our 60 day warrantly on all our vacuums.

Even thouthgt the vacuum is past the 60 day warranty we can still help you out. Please carefully pack your vacuum and ship to our office in Cambridge. Do not forget to include your name, address, and a short description on what the malfunction is and how it developed. Also please include a check for the amount of $45. One of our rechnicians will examine the unit and determine the parts and labor needed to repair the vacuum. Once that is completed we will send you that information and you can decide if you wish to repair it. You can respond by phone or email with your decision.

If you decide to repair vacuum your check of $45 will go toward the repairs. If not the check is used for the technicians time in examining the unit. Campbell Enterprises also has apprived technicians and certified service centers in your area. If you would prefer to use of them instead, there is an enclosed list of service centers in your area.

Thanks again for your inquiry regarding your vacuum. Starting next year Campbell Enterprises is having an upgrade special, where you can trade in you vacuum and get credit towards a newer vacuum. Come and see the new models at our store soon.




Jason Campbell
Customer Service

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