Insurance Policy Cancellation Letter

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Sample Insurance Policy Cancellation Letter. Your ultimate weapon as a consumer is to take your business elsewhere. If you have not been treated fairly by your insurance companyand repeated efforts to straighten the matter out have failedyou can cancel your policy, telling the company why you are taking this action.

You can also tell them that you will be relaying your story to the state insurance board, your friends and relations, and anyone else who wishes to listen. Since many insurance sales are made by word of mouth, the company would be wise to take your letter seriously. Below is a sample Insurance Policy Cancellation Letter:

Joshua B. White
3735 Bingamon Road
Cleveland, OH 44115

September 9, 2012

Mr. Ralph B. Selznick
Prentice Insurance Company
18 South LaSalle
Chicago, IL 60603

RE: Policy No. 432-56-8997

Dear Mr. Selznick:

I am writing to inform you that I have decided to cancel my policy and place my coverage with another firm. This decision comes in the wake of two years of frustrating experience with your claims department.

Over the period of two years, every time I filed a claim, the adjustor would call with a new requirement. I would meet that requirement, only to be told that I had filed late or that my claim was lost in processing. None of these charges was true, and I have the documented evidence to prove it.

Rather than go through another exhausting battle the next time I have claims to make, I have decided to change to another insurance company. Please cancel my policy and refund any premiums that may be due me.

You can be sure that all my friends, relatives, and neighbors will hear this story, as well as the state insurance board, and the consumer columnist of the Herald, who takes particular delight in alerting readers to unresponsive insurance firms. I am only sorry it took me two years to make the decision to take my business elsewhere.


Joshua B. White

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