Letter for Breaking Lease with Apartment

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Letter for Breaking Lease with Apartment. You may find it necessary to break a lease before the full term is up. You may be transferred to a new job, find a better place, or need to respond to a family emergency. Many leases contain provisions that require the current tenant to find someone to sublet, or take over, the lease. Others state that the tenant will be charged a fee to have the management take on this responsibility.

Regardless of what the lease states, your chances of amicably breaking the lease increase if you have someone you can recommend to take over your apartment. You want to leave under friendly circumstances if possible, because you may want to use the building owner or manager as a reference in the future. below is a sample Letter for Breaking Lease with Apartment:

March 22, 2013

Robert DeSable, Manager
Ridge/Maple Apartments Management
336 South Everest
San Francisco, CA 94122

Dear Mr. DeSable:

I am currently a tenant in the Ridge apartments on Market Street. I am writing to ask if it would be possible to end my lease, which runs to October 1 of this year, four months early. When I signed the one-year lease, I did not know that I would be offered a job in Portland that has proven too tempting to refuse.

I know my lease does not have any provision for subletting, but I have two proposals and hope that you’ll find one of them satisfactory. First, I could vacate the apartment by May 31 and pay an extra month’s rent of $800. This would provide rental income for one month during which you could renovate the apartment for the next tenant.

Second, I have a friend who is very interested in subletting my apartment as is, for the same rent, until the lease runs out. She would probably renew for the next year. She has great references and a solid job at Bank of America.

Please let me know if either of these proposals is acceptable to you. I need to make this move by the end of May, but couldn’t afford to pay two rents, one here and one in Portland, for the next six months. I hope we can work something out to our mutual benefit.


Kerry Knobeldorff
Apartment #214

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