letter requesting for medical insurance information

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Sample letter requesting for medical insurance information. In today’s medical environment, getting adequate medical care and finding a way to pay for it can be as complicated as many of the treatments themselves. Medicare, Medicaid, and other third-party payers flood patients and doctors alike with a mountain of forms and claims. All this can be intimidating, and you may not realize that you can have any impact on this system.

Yet as with any other service, the consumer of medical care has rights. If you are not receiving what you consider adequate treatment, you have the right to ask for an adjustment in treatment or fees. Also, you can educate yourself about the ins and outs of medical insurance forms and payment systems. If the doctor or the doctor’s staff do not fill out your forms correctly, send the papers back and ask that the correct information be provided.

Finally, if a physician is seriously remiss in caring for you or someone you love, you can report the matter to your state’s medical licensing board and have them investigate the situation.

Request for Insurance Information

If insurance claim reports are not filled out properly, they will not be paid. Make sure that you indicate what information the doctor must supply; include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to speed up return of the form. below is a sample letter requesting for medical insurance information:

Ruth Wyche
4451 Abner Road
Appleton, WI 54913

January 13, 2013

Dr. Chandrika Singh
Overton Medical Clinic
147 Kedzie
Chicago, IL 60626

Dear Dr. Singh:

Would you please complete the ”Physician’s Statement” section on the enclosed insurance form? I have included a self-addressed stamped envelope for your convenience in returning the form to me.

Please notice that the form requires physicians to itemize the dates, specific treatment given, and cost per visit. I realize that this is a bit of a bother, but our group insurance plan will not pay the claim if this portion is left uncompleted.

Thank you,

Ruth Wyche

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