Request Letter for Salary Increment

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A “Request of Salary Increase Letter” is an initiatory correspondence by an employee seeking for a raise in wages or salary from an employer. Normally, salary increases are granted by operation of an existing company policy providing for appropriate increase on the basis of productivity, sales, length of service, or any other justified circumstances. However, there may be some instances where an employees feel that they deserve a raise due to some reason which may have something to do with high performance rating, additional job assignment, sudden rise in usual living expenses, or a multitude of other causes.

The most important things to consider when writing a letter requesting for salary increase and making sure such request is given ample consideration by the company bosses are the following:

  1. Don’t forget proper formatting – A good letter should always be presentable and should at least conform with standard professional format. Always remember proper margin and paragraph spacing.
  2. Heading and Address – It is best to include a heading on what the letter is all about so the addressee would have an instant idea on the purpose of the letter. Make sure to address the letter to the appropriate person in charge or the person who is capable of acting upon your request. In cases of salary increase, the addressee could be the “members of the board” or “ Chief Executive”. Always include their position below their name.
  3. Be concise and  straight to the point – After a short preliminary introduction, state your request and the reasons why you think it should be approved. Be polite and always say your thanks before you end the letter.

here is a sample of Salary increment request letter:

05 March 2013

Chief Executive Officer
New Burlington Hospital Ltd.
20 Burlington Rd., Massachusetts


Dear Sir:

I am the Weekend Housekeeping Supervisor assigned at the hospital’s out-patient branch at 35 Fairway, Strand Road. I have been working as such for 10 years and I have been informed that the company has provided for salary increases for weekday staff who have been with the company for at least 8 years, subject to performance checks, in response to prior requests made by Mr. Bob Friedrich in his capacity as President of the weekday staff organization at the main hospital.

In the same light, I humbly seek that I be included in the list of those eligible for the said raise. Recent rise in living expenses has made it difficult for me to cope up with the demands of family financial obligations. I am proud to state that during these years that I have been with our company, I have always lived up to the standards required of me and have never been subjected to any complaint of poor performance or misbehaviour form clients and staff alike.

In view here of, I respectfully request that my salary be increased in accordance with relevant company guidelines issued for such purposes. Rest assured that I will continue to carry out my duties efficiently and with the same dedication I exemplified over the years.
Thank you and I sincerely anticipate your favorable action on the matter.

Very truly yours,

Glenda Victoria
Weekend Supervisor
Housekeeping Department

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