Thank you Letter for Furniture Donation

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How to write sample thank you letter for furniture donation? today you are going to learn how to write a thank you letter for furniture donation. for example: Last weekend i moved into my own apartment. I had no furniture and a family friendd offered to give me her old furniture pieces. She was remodeling her house and wanted to get rid of her stuff. It was perfect timing for me. So I had to write her a thank you letter and I thought this was a good way to teach you how to write one.

First off, I would always recommend hand writing a thank you letter. It is more personal and shows the recipient that you care enough to take time to write a letter. I would also recommend writing and sending the thank you letter withing 2 – 3 days of the event. I know that is not always possible, but make sure you do it as soon as you can. This letter is not very formal so don’t worry about style and professionalism. Also this letter is very short, try to limit it to 3 short paragraphs. If you have to send an email to thank them, that is not a big problem. In the subject line of the email be very specific. For example for my situation I would use, “Thank you so much for the great furniture.” Alright, let’s take a look at sample   thank you letter for Furniture Donation: 


Dear Mrs. Susan Cloud

It was so kind of you to give away your great furniture last weekend. There were some really fantastic pieces. You have good taste.

Thanks to you, my apartment is no longer empty and boring. Your furniture filled it up nicely. It’s now a swinging bachelor pad. It was so nice of you to depart with them. I was very relieved to know I could save some money and still get quality stuff.

Thanks for helping out a clueless bachelor and good luck with your remodel.


Jason Campbell

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